Glass, light and color – Murano, Italy – Greeting Card


An image taken at the Murano Glass Museum on the island of Murano in the province of Venice.


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I’ve decided to expand my card selection to include images outside Santa Barbara… from far away places in this case, following my whimsy and muse to show images of light and color.

Murano Glass is known around the world and I saw it first hand at the Murano Glass Museum and other places on the island. I was taken with the handmade chandeliers hanging in the museum, especially with the painted murals on the ceiling behind them when you look up. This image perfectly captures what I wanted to share with my experience learning about Murano Glass.

There are an unlimited numbers of shapes, sizes, colors and designs that Murano masters use. Exploring the museum as well as workshops, showrooms, galleries and shops, you can discover some of the endless possibilities and various methods that are used to create Murano Glass.

There’s a lot to learn about Murano glass. Here’s a great video if you’d like to learn more about it:

The Masters of Murano

And here’s an interesting article about Murano Glass that was published in the New York Times.


Santa Barbara Greeting Cards have a beautiful, glossy finish, are blank on the inside, measure 5×7 inches and come with white envelopes.

Photo by Donna Greene.



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