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I’m excited to share this new greeting card that just arrived from the printer today! I felt very fortunate to be present and able to capture this moment. It was one of those times when you want to pinch yourself to make sure what you’re seeing is real. Then it was gone. There was a family there with a black lab that was frolicking in the surf, so that also worked out great. I was surprised that many of the people that came to watch it left before it got this dramatic.

Butterfly Beach is one of the few beaches that faces west in Santa Barbara, so it’s perfect for watching the sun set over the water and a favorite of locals, just across from the Four Seasons Biltmore. And since it’s close to Montecito, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities there. Seeing a wedding in progress is something else you’re likely to see.

I hope you like this one! Comments are always welcome. Here’s the link to the card.


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  1. Diana
    | Reply

    Beautiful. Beautiful! Could you put together for me a box of SB cards with these 3 SB new scenes, blank cards??you have sent a box to me before, and i loved them!!! Thx!

    • Donna Greene
      | Reply

      Hi, Diana. Sure! I’ll email you to get exactly what you want. I’m glad you like them! 🙂

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