New Santa Barbara Greeting Cards retail locations

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I’m happy to report that there are several new retail locations in Santa Barbara that have the sets and/or individual cards and postcards available for purchase. These are of course in addition to being able to purchase them here on line in our store.

To make it easy, you can visit the new page here to see what’s available where. There will be more soon and I will keep adding them as they come on board.

You’ll notice that some locations are selling individual greeting cards and postcards. Those have been offered here on the site as well, and will continue to be available.

I am also starting to think about new cards, so if you have any requests, leave a comment.

Here’s the scoop on current retail outlets:

Location Greeting card sets Postcard card sets Individual greeting cards Individual postcards
Chaucer’s Bookstore
Four Seasons Biltmore/Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden
Santa Barbara Gift Baskets
Santa Barbara Historical Museum
Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center/Ace Hardware
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
Santa Barbara News & Gifts (airport)
Skin Deep Salon
Tecolote Book Shop
The Santa Barbara Company
UCSB Bookstore




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