Monarch Butterfly at the Butterflies Alive! Exhibit – Greeting Card


Investigate all there is to do at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.



One of Santa Barbara’s favorite museums for children and adults alike is the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History located behind the Santa Barbara Mission. An exhibit that makes it even more special is the Butterflies Alive! Exhibit featuring hundreds of butterflies thriving in a lush garden pavilion. The plants and flowers are provided to suit the 30 or so species of butterflies, including Santa Barbara natives such as the Monarch, Painted Lady and Western Tiger Swallowtail, and migrating visitors such as Cabbage White or California Dogface (California state insect). This is a special exhibit that runs mid-May through early September and isn’t open every year.

There are many more exhibitions to experience, including the Chumash Indian Hall, the Gladwin Planetarium, the Mammal Hall, the Museum Backyard, Marine Hall just to name a few. There’s also educational areas for kids and they will be entertained all day long with all the things there are to do. Be sure and visit the Sea Center as well, located on Stern’s Wharf.

For more information on the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, visit their website:

Santa Barbara Greeting Cards have a beautiful, glossy finish, are blank on the inside, measure 5×7 inches and come with white envelopes.

Photo by Donna Greene.



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